About Webloom Solutions

Short Story About Our Company

We are a Digital Media and Design Company that strives to create a unique identity for brands and institutions in their preferred market space.

Webloom started as part of an endeavor of two people wanting to see how technology could change the way we think about the most trivial things in life. Along the way, through the people we met and experiences we had, we have become well versed in identifying different facets of life where through some assistance, whole new possibilities can be explored.

Keeping this reality in mind is how Webloom Solution aspires to become a partner that can help you. We aspire to assist you in achieving the kind of Market Recognition and Perception that you require.

  1. time-line
    Dec, 2014
    Webloom Solutions came into reality.

    Webloom started as part of an endeavor of two people wanting to see how technology could change the way we think about the most trivial things in life.

  2. time-line
    Feb, 2015
    Our first Client

    The challenging task of assisting an Established Hospitality Institution in building their online presence.

  3. time-line
    June, 2015
    Launched Manipal Cabs

    Manipal cabs helped students of Manipal share cabs with fellow campus buddies to share the cab and the cost. Manipal cabs received 400+ registrations in its first week!

  4. time-line
    August, 2015
    Launched Next Big Viral Media

    Our Endeavour toward generating content that moves people and also for curating important and effective thoughts that people will benefit from.

  5. time-line
    September, 2015
    Launched The Loom Store

    The launch of our much awaited Merchandise store aimed at giving people a way to express themselves through the fashion they wear. We have sold over 5000 units so far, worked with more than 20 organisations and the story continues.

  6. time-line
    25 Dec, 2016
    Leuk - Your City Guide

    Through our Local Discoveryn and Experience Sharing application we won hearts by making people's lives easier. Our application became an example of hyperlocal database in a place where no such repository existed.

We Work for Your Profit

With our Thoroughly Tested and Seasoned staff of designers and professionals, we help you in Creating and Projecting an Image of your Establishment that makes it appealing and inspires confidence in your prospective Partners and Patrons.


Meet with Our Best Experts

Meet the team behind all this creative work.

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Shashank Jha

Founder & Director

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Aman Verma

Chief Operations Officer

team member
Yuvraj Singh

Director & iOS developer

team member
Utkarsh Kumar

Senior Android Developer

team member
Rajat Mehra

Marketing Head

team member
Avani Jain

Operations, Manipal

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Asim Athar

Marketing, Manipal

team member
Anadi Bajpai

Marketing, Manipal

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Awesome Team
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Our Philosophy

With a staff comprising of Young Thinkers and Creators, We understand that sometimes what is required is not just will, but direction to achieve goals that optimise profitability and customer satisfaction.

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